Fujifilm, Instax Mini 9, Fujinon Lens, Royal Blue

Click the old man at the aged home making cards for his mates and the orphan kids merrily playing in the rain with the Fujifilm Instax 210 film camera. On the LCD control panel of this Fujifilm film camera, the focal length and the film count are displayed. Capture your friends eating out at the dimly-lit Chinese restaurant with this Fujifilm camera as it has automatic flash. Peek into the viewfinder of this Fujifilm film camera to look at your subject. You can select between 0.9-3m and 3m-Infinity shooting options in this Fujifilm camera. Continue shooting for long hours, as the Fujifilm Instax 210 camera has an easy-to-hold side grip. Obtain distinctly clear images with the Fujifilm Instax 210 camera with no blurriness.

  • Lens: Fujinon 95mm with fixed f/14 aperture (comes with detachable close-up lens for macro shots)
  • Focus: 0.9 – 3m or 3m – Infinity or
  • Shutter Speed: programmed electronic shutter at 1/64 – 1/200 sec.
  • Frame Size: 99 × 62mm
  • Print Size: 108 × 86mm
  • Built-in flash, motorized film advance, exposure compensation controls
  • Dimensions: Size – 178.5 × 94.5 × 117.5mm; Weight – 650g
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Royal Blue
Auto Focus
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Shoot and obtain pictures instantly
1 Year

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