Philips, Pro Stubble Beard Trimmer, Red

If there is one thing that matters to women it is details, Its why they just can't help straightening men's ties or removing bits of lint from jacket shoulders and why they are not so keen seeing a man with anything less than a perfect groomed look. So if you don't want to fail on the finer points of grooming make sure the Philips QT4022 Pro stubble trimmer is on your wish list. Get and maintained the perfect look you want. Philips QT4022 Pro stubble trimmer provides you the superior performance and skin-friendly trimmer for complete men's styling. It is designed to create any style you want with excellent precision, giving you that sense of pride with a perfect result

  • This stubble trimmer delivers a superior performance without compromising skin comfort for a perfect 3-day beard, with 0.5 mm incremental settings ranging from 0.5 up to 10 mm
  • The innovative Diamond-Like Carbon technology ensures the cutting element stays sharper 3 times longer than a traditional stainless-steel blade
  • With Zoom wheel select and locks-in your desired length within a versatile range of possible lengths from 0.5 mm up to 10 mm
  • The uniquely rounded blades are skin friendly and comb tips prevent scratching the skin while stubble comb designed for enhanced closeness and precision
  • Philips QT4022 stubble trimmer is 100% waterproof and gives a cordless performance of 60 minutes after a charge of 10 hours
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