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iBaby, Baby Monitor M3, White
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iBaby Monitor M3.Designed with on-the-go parents in mind, the iBaby Monitor M3s puts you back in the center of control when it comes to care for your baby. Never again will you lose sight of your adorable little one because he has crawled out of the fixed camera frame. With iBaby Monitor M3s, you can easily follow your baby’s every move by panning and tilting the video monitor up to 360° and 70° respectively with a swipe of your finger. In combination of night vision LED lights, motion and sound sensors, iBaby Monitor M3s keeps you connected to your baby wherever you go.

  • At home and on the road, you are now just one finger swipe away from your baby.
  • The M3 is an intelligent baby monitor that puts you at the center of your baby’s tiny universe.
  • Designed to bring comfort and convenience to busy parents like yourself, the iBaby Monitor M3 enables you to track your baby’s every movement and shares every precious moment with your loved ones directly from your iOS or Android devices.
  • Just swipe your finger in any direction on your smartphone or tablet screen, and your iBaby Monitor M3 will let you effortlessly follow your baby’s every move.
  • Gone is the frustrating moment when you discover your camera has been accidentally bumped out of view.
  • You will love that you no longer need to have someone physically reposition your video monitor for you while you're away.
  • Imagine: you don't need to call someone at home to check in
  • Comes equipped with night vision LED lights and motion and sound sensors, you can now see a clear image of your little baby from the comfort of your bed.
  • No squinting. No snowy distorted image.
  • A perfect night vision image of your infant with full sound capability to notify you easily if your baby needs you in the nursery.
  • Communicate with your baby as if you were right next to them with the two-way speaking capability (Requires external speakers)
  • The best part? You can fall asleep to the sound of her gentle breathing at night.
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30 fps
640×480 (VGA)

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