Luxell, Tower Fan, 35 Watts, White

Easy Cooling

You can live your life more comfortably by cooling down easily and quickly in summer. There are 3 different types of speed settings. You can select the speed you want from this speed setting and operate the device.

Away from Dust

It is a very sensitive product against dust and dirt. It does not trap dust in the air and provides a clean use. Because it is light and ergonomic, it is possible to use it both at home and at work.

Suitable for Homes

It fits comfortably in every corner of your home and helps cool the environment with excellent quality. Therefore, it supports you to spend more productive times in your life. It cools even the largest rooms in the highest quality

Comfortable Indoors

It is very effective in cooling the interiors. It is a fan It has a height of 74.5 cm. It also has a 60 degree oscillation feature. It cools the environment by working with 35 Watt high energy.

Your Summers Are Better

It allows you to spend your summer months comfortably and beautifully. It also has a timer. With this timer, you can cool the environment in the best quality for up to 2 hours without interruption. Do not miss this opportunity.

Locating Your Location

You can adjust the height according to you. You also have the opportunity to determine its location. It fits easily in every corner of your home and thus does not take up extra space. It is sturdy and durable, giving you the opportunity to use it for a long time. Do not miss this opportunity.

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Tower Fan
35 Watts

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