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FUPA-Instax mini 50S

Taking fun to the next level is easy with this sure to be a party favorite instant film camera.  Producing cute, credit - card sized images in just a matter of moments, image enthusiasts young and old alike will once again enjoy walking away with an event souvenir just as soon as the shutter clicks.  With a high-quality Fujinon lens in combination with the Instax® Mini Film, superior images are just an instant away. And with a 2 picture self timer function, now you and your friend can both have identical keepsakes!

Overall the Mini 50S was one of our favorite Instax cameras.  It has recently been phased out by the Mini 70. We often group the Instax mini line of cameras into three (3) groups, entry-level (Mini 7S, Mini 8 and Mini 9), mid-level (Mini 25, Mini 50S, Mini 70) and premium (Mini 90).  At around $95USD the camera is priced in the mid range of the Instax family with the Mini 90 Neo Classic costing $125USD and the Mini 9, costing around $60USD. The Mini 50S comes in two (2) colors, Piano Black and Piano White. As the name suggest the camera uses the "mini" film format which produces a picture about the size of credit card.  Film can be purchased in 2-packs, 5-packs, 6-packs and 10-packs for around $6.00 per pack.  Further details on photo size and film development time can be found here.  The Mini 50S has many useful features including an ability to adjust the exposure, tripod mount, 10-sec timer and an LCD for knowing your settings and remaining number of photos. The Mini 50S uses two (2) disposable 3V CR2 disposable batteries which are good for about 300 photos.  This is about 3 times as many photos that the Mini 90 Neo Classic can take on a single charge of its Li-ion rechargable battery.

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