Braun, IPL Pro 5 Silk Expert

Silk·expert Pro is Braun’s latest generation IPL.

Silk·expert Pro 5 is the safe, fast and most efficient IPL* for permanent hair reduction in just 4 weeks. The safe IPL technology, clinically tested and dermatologically accredited as skin safe by an international skin health organization (Skin Health Alliance).

It automatically and continuously adapts to your skin tone to ensure optimal balance between efficacy and safety for visible permanent hair removal. The fast IPL, it’s 2 times faster than previous Silk·expert 5: Both lower legs can be treated in less than 5 minutes. It includes a precision head to tackle the smaller areas such as the face, bikini line or underarms. Compact design, 15 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter, for easy handling and effortless treatment. 400000 flashes, 30 percent more than previous Silk·expert 5.

Assessed on lower leg, armpits and bikini, following the treatment schedule. Individual results may vary. Shared technology with Cyden. Start-up phase: treat once per week for the first 4-12 weeks. In between: hair falls out naturally and regrowth is inhibited. Maintenance: continue IPL to your needs (e.g. every 1-2 months).

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