Delonghi, Dehumidifier, Humidistat + Anti Frost, 10 L, White
  • Extraction 10 L / D - Covered area up to 45 m²
  • 2.1 liter tank - Compressor technology
  • Refrigerant gas R290 - Silent with 40 dB (A)
  • Double filtration - Laundry function

The Delonghi DEX210 dehumidifier is multifunctional: it dehumidifies and dries laundry in silence. Breathe better by controlling your humidity level.

Performance :
This air dehumidifier removes humidity from the air and helps you maintain an optimal humidity level in order to maintain a healthy atmosphere: sanitation of rooms that are too humid, prevents mold, saltpetre and odors.
Designed for a room up to 45 m² , the operating temperature is 2 ° C to 30 ° C.
It has  2 drainage systems  : continuous or direct (the water is stored in the 2.1 L tank). 
R290 natural gas:
The DEX210 dehumidifier uses R290 refrigerant gas . This gas, 100% natural , makes the device ecological and efficient.

Its low impact on the environment and its thermodynamic properties make it a major ally for rooms with clean air. 
Laundry function:
This function helps to absorb excess moisture concentrated inside the clothes and helps reduce drying time .
Air filtration and purification:
For a healthy environment, the DEX210 is equipped with a double filtration system : anti-dust (removable and washable) and anti-allergens ideal for people with allergy.

Quiet :
sound level of 40 dB (A) , it dehumidifies without disturbing you, even at night! You can use it continuously and in any room of the house.

Practice  :
A function antifreezing electronics for temperatures below 5 ° C .
For your comfort of use, it is equipped with an integrated Soft touch control panel and a visible water level .
A handle is integrated for ease of movement. 
The restart is automatic after a power failure.
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Data sheet

Anti-freeze function Automatic mode
50.2 x 33.4 x 22 cm
10 L
1 Year

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