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LED Bulb + Battery, Multi functional LED Emergency-Energy Saving Lamp, Charging Time 5 - 10 Hours, Emergency Time 3 - 5 Hours
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Home Emergency Bulb

  • Work like a normal bulb and control by wall plug 
  • Finger touch type and portable 
  • Long life up to 50000 Hrs 
  • Save 90% energy 
  • High quality, High brightness. 
  • 2 Years Warranty 

Installation Instructions: 

  • Replace current household light bulb with theintello light bulb 
  • Allow to charge between 5 hrs and 10 hrs 
  • Once fully charged, you are able to avoid load shedding up to 3 and 4 hrs.
  • During load shedding or power interruption, the light bulb will remain on if already switched on ( 1 sec delay ).
  • Switch the intello light bulb on or off as desired during load shedding 
  • This product is not water proof 
  • To use as a glass light, and 3mm of water in a glass. Place the intello light bulb silver contact into the 3mm of water and enjoy the benefits of having light in a glass

Parameters that: 

  • The input Voltage: 85-265 V / AC 
  • Conversation Time: 1 S
  • Charging Time: 5 - 10 Hours 
  • Emergency Time: 3 - 5 Hours 
  • The Charging method: Mains Lighting when charging 
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