Casio, Contemporary Digital Piano, 88 Keys, Black

The new ensemble model of the CDP-S series scores with outstanding sounds and rhythms and is equipped with a new hammer action and a new loudspeaker system. An outstanding instrument both for beginners and advanced players who greatly value portability and sound diversity. With the optional CS-46 stand the CDP-S350 becomes an attractive stand model in an instant. Moreover, connection of the new SP-34 triple pedal unit is possible.

Digital Pianos from CASIO - A Full, Special Sound and Playing Feel
There are digital pianos from CASIO for the most diverse uses and demands. The models range from compact digital pianos in keyboard format, to the equally portable PRIVIA Pro digital pianos with the AiR sound generation developed by CASIO, to the first-class electronic pianos with the authenticity of a classical grand pianos. The latter can be seen in the CELVIANO series as well as the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid digital pianos, which matches up to the original when it comes to the play feel and vividity of sound, expanding on the modern functions of a digital instrument. The CASIO digital pianos from the PRIVIA and COMPACT series are ideally equipped for stage and studio. Get a consultation from a local retailer, who will know which instrument best suits your needs.

More Than Just Sound - One Step Ahead with CASIO Digital Pianos
Whether midi keyboard from the Compact series, CASIO PRIVIA Pro or one of the exclusive instruments of the premium class - when you choose an e-piano from CASIO, you are deciding on an instrument that can offer more.

CASIO Compact and CASIO PRIVIA digital pianos are specially designed for beginners, and for use in the rough everyday life of a band. As portable e-pianos, they are real all-rounders. Despite their compact format, they have an excellent sound dynamic and keyboard details that make an expressive play possible. With scaled hammer action, high quality sound generation as well as diverse effect and filter options, these models represent CASIO’s brand quality for a fantastic price-performance ratio. Whether you play, compose or arrange music, with the CASIO compact keyboard or PRIVIA pro digital piano you are purchasing an instrument that will exceed your expectations.

Hybrid Pianos by CASIO - Play Feel Like on a Concert Piano
With the especially well-made instruments from the CELVIANO series, as well as CELVIANO Grand Hybrid, CASIO fulfills the needs of seasoned music lovers and professional pianists, which is why a select palette of digital pianos for the highest demands is available. Whether you choose a digital piano in classic black or buy a particularly exclusive digital piano in white, you are getting an instrument that indulges the eyes and the ears. A shining brass plaque engraved with “Developed in Collaboration with C. Bechstein” makes this a clear product of two manufacturers that understand their craft. 35 years of experience in the development of electronic keyed instruments, as well as a fruitful collaboration with C. Bechstein, the renowned piano and grand piano building company from Berlin, have paid off.

These CASIO digital pianos captivate with their exclusive look and feel, as well as their fine finish. Through the combination of acoustic and digital technology, they offer an unmatched acoustic and digital fullness of sound. The designers at CASIO have implemented their full expertise in order to develop the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid Digital Piano, which reproduces authentic play on a concert grand. Thanks to these excellent attributes, they are first-class practice instruments for professional pianists and ambitious musicians.

CASIO Digital Pianos - Innovative Sound Generation Technology
CASIO has spent a lot of time carefully optimising the interplay of electronics and mechanics. The Natural Grand Hammer Action musical mechanism has wooden keys and hammers like a concert piano. These are not only similar to those of an acoustic piano in form and material, but also follow the same motion sequences, through which the play feel of a grand piano is conveyed to the player.

Even the reaction of the foot pedal is subtly geared towards this. In terms of sound, CASIO digital pianos have excellent things to offer. AiR Grand Technology for sound generation, Grand Acoustic System and countless effects ensure an incomparable sound experience. Modern functions, such as Concert Play with 15 high quality orchestral recordings to play along to as well as various scenes and presets complete the spectrum. Despite the many possibilities, everything is simple and reliably usable, so even beginners can happily use a digital piano.

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Data sheet

Speaker Drive
Full Force Sound Speakers [12cm/6cm (oval)] x 2
Frequency Response
3 sensitivity levels, Off
1,322 x 286 x 129 mm (main unit only) 1,322 x 373.2 x 753.3 mm ( with optional CS-44P stand) * Does not include music stand
88 Keys

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